Tech company office, Athens

Tech company office, Athens

Fostering Innovation in a Dynamic and Collaborative Workspace

Designed for a leading Greek software company, since acquired by Microsoft, this office is a dynamic, colourful, and comfortable workspace that not only inspires, but also cultivates a collaborative environment fostering innovation and productivity.

For the design, Stavropoulou looked to the ethos and office culture of the firm, as well as its existing design elements including branding and colour palettes.

The delimitation of spaces with glass partitions creates a sense of continuity through transparency, utilising natural light and allowing for a harmonious flow between different spaces, to encourage collaboration and creativity.

Other design elements, like the presence of plants and the employment of bright colours create a space that feels contemporary and yet comfortable for both employees and guests.

Noise is minimised, to build a sense of privacy, and a selection of break-out spaces, for individuals and groups, give employees the opportunity to choose their working environment.

Communal spaces are deliberately comfortable and dedicated to interaction and relaxation. Their flexibility creates areas for meetings, brainstorming or hosting parties and events.

To serve the spiritual needs of the multinational team, the office also houses a meditation room, available for contemplation, yoga and prayer.

Ahead of the design work, Stavropoulou looked intensively at the needs of the client and their employees, and extensively researched office furniture, much of which was realised through bespoke design.