Bioclimatic family home, Nea Philothei

Bioclimatic family home, Nea Philothei

Finding harmony in contrast

Designed for a four member family, this house in the urban section of Athens finds harmony in contrast metal and wood, concrete and ceramic, old and new.

The design deliberately creates room for coexistence and communality without reducing space for seclusion.

Stavropoulou Architects drew inspiration from the abandoned warehouses and shipping containers often found on the urban fringes of Athens, as well as from improvised constructions found in rural areas around Greece.

The home follows the principles of bioclimatic design, and focuses on natural light and ventilation, cooling and shading, and an appropriate heating strategy combined with the solar gains during the winter season.

The building is defined by a central box, which holds the common spaces of the house including the living area and the kitchen, and acts as an outer shell. Penetrating this shell are smaller, independent volumes that create private space for the home’s users.

A double height living area gives the residents a convivial space for sharing and socialising. But the layout of the house also offers privacy.

Exposed concrete insulated surfaces were used for the construction of the external shell, while red cedar wood and rusted steel were selected for the external surfaces of smaller internal volumes.

Interiors, including furniture, were designed by Stavropoulou Architects – and created in collaboration with craftspeople who embraced our concept giving life to the project.

Today, the project remains a much-loved, unique family home and living space.